Amtech Industrial, Inc. is the leading chemical supplier in California and a nationwide distributor. Our chemicals are tested and formulated to produce the best results. Listed below are the families of chemicals we supply.

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Alkaline Cleaners

Uses: General cleaning of food contact equipment, floors, sinks, oils, and grease.

Alkaline Degreasers

Uses: Heavy duty cleaning, stubborn or heavy soils, walnut processing floors.

Chlorinated Alkaline Degreasers

Uses: Low foaming CIP applications or foaming food contact equipment, walls, and floors.

Organic Sanitizers/Disinfectants

Uses: Sanitizing produce itself, the water used in the process, or the surfaces it touches.

Conventional Sanitizers/Disinfectants

Uses: Chlorine can sanitize produce itself, the water used in the process, or the surfaces it touches. Quats are for hard surfaces only, no direct food contact, only surfaces its processed on.


Uses: Food Grade Anti-Foam for process water tanks

Foaming Acid Cleaners

Uses: Peradrain foam is used for drains in food processing. Can also be used for brightening stainless and removing scale in tanks.

Low Foam CIP Chemicals

Uses: Automatic applications where the pump pushes the product throughout piping.

Concrete Removal Products

Uses: There are Phosphoric fast acting cleaners, truck soaps, or natural acids that can be foamed on and left overnight, that are gentle on paint and non-corrosive.

Flexographic Press and Plate Wash